Types of windows in houses.


In case you are interested in replacing your old windows with new, modern, more efficient and better-looking ones then you might be interested in all the different window types that can be found in the market nowadays. The choice can be so confusing at times that you simply cannot make it as there are so many different types that you simply get overwhelmed by them. Will it be perfect for the job you need it for? Will it be and investment that is worth making? The following are Types of windows in houses.
1. Awning windows
These are a great choice for places that need to get some light, but still need to maintain their privacy. With awning windows you will get the feeling of the breeze, the room will have enough light and this window type can be opened a bit in order to get increased ventilation in the room. The places for them are quite a lot, but they are mostly used above doors or on a high spot on some outer wall.
2. Casement windows
This type can be opened outwards in order to get some fresh air into the room, feel the nice breeze and let in a lot of light. These windows can be sealed tightly in order to make the room more energy-efficient when needed and are a great choice for places which are pretty hard for reaching. They are really useful in the kitchen and can be put over the sink or some other appliance.
3. Double hung windows
This type definitely has a pretty unique style and along with that will provide you with great ventilation capabilities as well as the ability to open the windows with ease. Double hung windows are a great choice for children’s rooms as they can be opened both from the upper side and from the lower side, so you can simply open them from the top and keep your child safe and supplied with the needed fresh air all the time.
4. Picture windows
These can be used when you want to have a great view in your house due to them providing the house with a view of the outdoors which is unobstructed. However, there is a minus to this type of windows – they aren’t that good for ventilation.
5. Bay windows
This type is really stylish and is very often used as part of the design of the house. Bay windows are a great choice when you want a lot of light and are often desired for their magnificent looks.