Give It a New Look

The kitchen is where all the magic at home happens, not the bedroom as many people think. This is why you need to pay special attention to the kitchen. It is the heart and soul of a home. After all, this is where food is cooked, eaten and stored. This room deserves to look and feel good all the time. Thankfully, you do not have to break the bank to refurbish your kitchen and give it a new leash of life. Every year or two, I embark on giving my kitchen a new look.

If you would like to uplift your kitchen, consider the tips below:

Change the cabinet door handles

Glass door cabinets

It is the little things that matter! Thus, start with the cabinet and drawer door handles. They do not cost much, not as much as you would spend if you were buying a new appliance. However, they improve the look of your kitchen a lot. You can try shiny brass ones that can capture the light and toss it around in the kitchen.

Try new lighting accessories and fixtures

A crystal chandelier, like the one that Charlie Pride sings about can do your kitchen looks a lot of good. Ok, it does not have to be crystal but seriously, chandeliers and hanging pendants are the in-thing today. Forget about the traditional lighting fixtures that are just so bland and boring. They can only give so much light and besides, they do not look unique at all. Buy a stylish chandelier, one with all the frills and thrills and watch your kitchen transform from boring to exhilarating.

Create a sitting area

Cooking area in the house

Many people love to cook and eat in the kitchen. If you have the space, set up a small dining area in the kitchen. That way, you can cook as you talk to your guests. Besides, there is a unique kind of chic that comes with eating in the kitchen. If you do not have extra space, do not worry. Just remove the clutter and make the kitchen as decent as possible.

Add a mirror

A mirror will create the illusion of space even in areas with small spaces. It also gives one a good feeling if they watch themselves cooking or eating. However, hang the mirror strategically such that it does not reflect light too much to hinder your work. If you would rather forego the mirror, just get a painting and hang it in a nice and strategic place.

Paint the kitchen afresh

Nothing gives any room a new leash of life like paint. However, since the kitchen sees a lot of work every time, you should paint it in lighter colors. You may also get the windows better curtains, brighter so that they can let in more light. When you use lighter colors in the kitchen, the space looks bigger than it is. Lighter colors also have a soothing effect and they make the space more welcoming.

Change old appliances

Holding on to old appliances is not good. Most of them consume more energy than the modern ones, in effect costing you more money. Upgrade to better looking modern appliances, energy efficient and more technologically advanced.

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